Buyers Process

Follow our step-by-step checklist for being home owner ready!

Finding and applying for a home loan can be a tedious process. As professional loan experts, we’ll be able to help you find a suitable product which will suit your financial needs, guide you through the process, and manage your application from start to finish. Give us a call today.

Arranging your finances

  • Contact your mortgage broker and arrange an appointment
  • Arrange supporting documents (i.e. pay slips, group certificates, credit card statements and other relevant documents)
  • Assess lending capabilities with your broker, shortlist loan options and determine the most appropriate loan from the shortlist
  • Submit loan application with all supporting documents
  • Obtain pre-approval

Note: Finance can be secured before or after you find a property. However borrowers should consider a pre-approval so that they have a true measure of their borrowing capacity before they commit to a purchase. *Pre-approvals are usually always subject to further conditions.

Buying your house

  • Engage a solicitor or conveyancer to check sale contract
  • Place offer for home/win at auction
  • Complete building and pest inspections, strata and title searches
  • Sign contracts along with submitting agreed deposit
  • Arrange insurance (contents, building and/or income protection)
  • Process first home owner grant (FHOG)
  • Complete settlement
  • Pick up keys

Moving in

  • If currently renting, advise landlord that you’re moving
  • Collect bond from rental agency
  • Arrange disconnection of utilities and cleaning of old premises (if required)
  • Arrange quotes from removalist companies/schedule moving times
  • Connect the gas, electricity and other utilities
  • Connect pay TV and internet
  • Connect new phone line
  • Redirect mail (can be arranged through your local post office)
  • Redirect newspaper delivery
  • Advise family and friends of new address/phone details
  • Clean up home before you move in
  • Move the family in!